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Large Format Tile

Large format tile is considered to be any tile with one side longer than 15″. Since its inception into the tile world, large format tile has not only grown in popularity, but also in size. From 24”x24” all the way up to 40”x120”, larger tiles are all the rage (including popular wood-look plank tiles).  While they introduce their own installation hurdles, large format tile also comes with benefits you won’t get from smaller sizes.

By it’s very nature, large format tile covers a bigger surface area per tile. In return, you get fewer grout joints on the floor and walls compared to smaller sized porcelain and ceramic tile. Fewer grout joints means less time scrubbing cracks, and less room for mold and mildew to build up.

Large format tiles come in a variety of styles, patterns and colors. From concrete, to marble, to polished porcelain to stone, you can find just about any look in large format. Larger tile and fewer grout joints adds an elegance to any project and even helps expand your space. Large format tile has always been popular when it comes to floors, but recently they have gained more traction when it comes to wall tile options as well.

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